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Presto Basement Bathroom Systems

THE Basement Bathroom Solution

Thanks for surfing to the site of Presto Bathroom, the high-quality basement bathroom that can be installed in a day and a half!

Right now, all residential bathrooms are "custom" design - with varying levels of workmanship, code compliance, quality, and durability.

Because most of us don't have a ton of money, putting in a bathroom can use massive time and energy - constant decisions, disrupted family life, mess, etc.

Peter Barr and Tony Webster decided there had to be a better way. Why not build a "standard" bathroom functional, tidy, economical, and, because all the parts are meant to fit together, easy and cheaper to install?

Because the Presto Bathroom is installed faster, you pay thousands less than a contractor-built bathroom.

And you still get:

bulleta ceramic toilet and pedestal sink
bulletsturdy sealed shower
bulletthree-bulb vanity light
bulletbathroom fan
bulletmedicine cabinet
bulletbathroom heater
bulletGFI electrical outlet
bulletcopper plumbing!
bulletshower curtain rod, soap dish, towel hook

How much? Just $2,995, delivered to your door. (The bathroom fits in any basement.)

You can install it yourself, hire a contractor, or ask Pete and Tony, the designers of the Presto Bathroom, if they'll put it in for you.

Even with installation, the Presto Bathroom costs thousands less than a high-quality custom-built bathroom, which usually requires 4-6 weeks and $10,000 to $15,000. You can go cheap and spend less but then the project takes forever.

The Presto Bathroom is the perfect solution: high quality and quick install! Because installation needs vary, please call Pete & Tony for an install estimate at (612) 872-0202.

(Note: The Presto Bathroom is sold only in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. See this map for delivery area.)

Contact Us!

Phone : (612) 872-0202
E-Mail : prestobath@aol.com

 Read about us in the St. Paul Pioneer Press: "Modular Unit Upgrades Bathroom in a Day"

Our Products

bulletThe Standard Basement Bathroom System
bulletThe NEW Recessed-Sink Basement Bathroom System [above]
bulletAlso NEW! The BWI Laundry Master